War On Torus


It’s the prototype of strategy on torus.

You can build factories for extraction of resources and factories for production of tanks. You will be endlessly attacked by a simple AI.

Facts about game

As it turned out, the strategies are not easy to make. For example, there is a problem of repulsion of units. It seems that for such games it is difficult to make not imbalanced and not simple AI for 2 days.

As it turned out, the surface of a torus is curved and the pathfinding works incorrectly (because it does not take this into account).

At least once a year, for a couple of nights, I go back to finishing this prototype. I still really like this idea, so there is a chance of a playable version.


  • Jam: LD32
  • Theme: An Unconventional Weapon
  • Date: April 2015


  • WASD - camera movement
  • Mouse scroll - scale
  • LMB - select units
  • RMB - give orders to units


  • Anton Tarasov - Code/Art