The lost night


A private detective comes to a meeting with a client, but instead he reveals a series of deaths.

Facts about game

This game I did with my roommates in the campus. I continued (from my previous try Around Island) studying Blender and producing excellent art.

As usual, we didn’t have time to do anything, so the game has a very small story for less than a minute.

The Jam version of the game had a tricky level design, so for my homepage I had to do something like a remake (because game was in 2015 and it’s too late for PostJam version). I changed the level design a little bit, placed more assets (without adding anything new meshes) and adjusted the light.


  • Jam: MiniLD56
  • Theme: Pick โ€˜nโ€™ Mix 2
  • Date: February 2015


  • WASD - movement
  • E - open door


  • Rastrepaev Artem - Code
  • Anton Tarasov - Art/Music
  • Raul Butaev - Level Design