One boy dreamed of becoming a juggler from childhood, but fate forced him to wander all over the country and earn money by performing the most difficult tricks and solving math problems (SAT level, or even the 3rd grade of elementary school)!

Facts about game

This was the second hackathon from a well-known Russian-lang site and it was bad:

  • Too general theme
  • There wasn’t feedback (perhaps no one saw our game)
  • Only the game design was rated, not the game as a whole


  • Jam: DTF Hackathon
  • Theme: Make replayable game
  • Date: November 2019


  • LMB & RMB - juggle knives
  • Mouse wheel - throw knife at a dartboard
  • Shift - change the juggling hand
  • Space - jump, what did you think
  • 1-9 numbers - write an answer to the exercise
  • Esc - skip the tutorial


  • Alex Gufovsky - Game Design/Sound Design/Art
  • Anton Tarasov - Code
  • Tanya Tish - Art