HP or Money


Two empires fight for small pieces of land. Settle islands to improve your airships and empire.

Airship brings money and increases its HP when it flies near the island.

There are two buttons above the island:

  1. “HP” increases growing of HP, for flying airships. Costs 1000. Growing of HP +1.
  2. “Money” increases growing of money. Costs 5000. Growing of money +100.

Facts about game

First days of the jam I was busy at university and I found time only in the evening of the third day of jam. For 8 hours I made art, wrote code and found free music. Although, the game looks incomprehensible, I think it was a successful experience.


  • Jam: LD34
  • Theme: Growing/two button controls
  • Date: December 2015


  • WASD - camera movement
  • LMB - click on button to build smth on the island


  • Anton Tarasov - Art/Code