Heading North


The main theme of this game was to make survival and interaction between the characters in the group. You meet characters with different parameters and you decide whether to leave them in the group and spend precious supplies on them. However, not every former ally would respond well to such a betrayal. Unfortunately, all the complex interactions and the influence of parameters on the characters could not be done on time.

It was fun to work on this little prototype and understand our own mistakes, including the lack of time to work on the level design :) We will try to come up with a more interesting system of movement and varied gameplay! Enjoy.


  • Jam: LD46
  • Theme: Keep it alive
  • Date: April 2020


  • F1 - show/hide tutorial
  • LMB - select units and grap items
  • RMB - movement


  • Tanya Tish - Art
  • Anton Tarasov - Code
  • Alex Gufovsky - Game Design/Sound Design