Doggest Dungeon


The noble knight sees the goal, but doesn’t see the obstacles. A faithful dog should help him to get to the battle.

Facts about game

I was the only one in our team who took part in jams. So we decided to prepare for the upcoming Ludum Dare and made our local gam jam with a random theme from the previous LD.

In this game, Alex made a cool balance. Usually my games are short and I don’t like spending time on them, but for this game I spent a couple of hours on getting a record.


  • Jam: Local
  • Theme: You are not the main character
  • Date: December 2017


  • WASD - movement
  • E/LMB - move the knight
  • Space/RMB - drag the chest
  • Double ESC - pause


  • Tanya Tish - Art
  • Alex Gufovsky - Game Design/Sound Design
  • Anton Tarasov - Code