Beneath the Rain


Grey city. Routine. Home-Work. Home-Work. Will you become the same gray mass?

Facts about game

This is one of my coolest games. Thanks to the whole team for the excellent art, music and effects. Everyone did his best.

I was working on the city. I tried to create the illusion of the real crowd: as people go somewhere, stop in front of pedestrian crossing. Debug gizmos looked magnificent in the editor.

This jam can be considered the origin of the local gathering Siberian Game Jam.

We were inspired by this video


  • Jam: LD29
  • Theme: Beneath the surface
  • Date: April 2014


  • WASD - movement


  • Stanislav Zagniy - Art/Level design
  • Sergey Ikonnikov - Music
  • Alexander Matyunin - Code
  • Anton Tarasov - Code